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The Table of Decision

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

We are at a table of decision. For many years now, God has been drawing us out of a grey

and shadowy zone where we have lived out our faith quietly, timidly, and at no cost. The

days of living as an unknown Christian in the spirit realm is all but over. All of the rumblings

of the past few years have shaken awake either the faith or fear within us.

It has truly been a time for vessels to be turned inside out and for all that has been hidden

to be exposed. Long dormant spirits that have resided in familiar places have been

awakened at the fear of God’s destiny being fulfilled in this hour. Ruling principalities and

powers have been raging louder as their position and power are being threatened by the

coming glory. The darkness has, at every opportunity, recessed further into the depths of

depravity, but the light is beginning to show.

The light on the Body of Christ first exposed the dirtiness of her ripped and ragged

garments. The exposing light of the Holy Spirit gave grace to the humble while others chose

to climb higher on the pedestal of pride. What an opportunity God gave for us to exchange

our garments in the hidden closets of intimacy, where the repentant heart could exchange

dirty rags for garments of righteousness and praise. But not all have chosen this wardrobe

change. Some have continued to choose the glitter of hypocrisy and religion, of a broken

and ineffective gospel that doesn’t reflect the glory of God’s kingdom or the heart of a good

and faithful Father.

Now, we are at the table of decision. Choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose life

or death, blessing or curses. Seems like an obvious and simple choice, but it comes with a

price. Jesus, Himself, said that if you choose to follow Him you have to deny yourself and

take up your cross. This leaves no room for self, for “I” or “me” or “mine.” What is an

obvious choice becomes a difficult one in this global meld of compromising

Christianity, where experience trumps truth and ancient markers seem forgotten.

The current gospel landscape has relegated repentance and the blood of Jesus, the very

reason we can breathe again, to the fringes of historic paths. Well, we need to find those

ancient paths, and ask for them, because in them is the very way to life. We cannot sit at

the table of decision and choose wisely and boldly without the Spirit of conviction and


This table of decision is one of grace, grace that God would call us once again to state our

choice and make it plain. We are, in this very moment, writing our condemnation or our

emancipation. The issue of Israel and where we stand has forced us to finally sit at the

table. Many other reasons could cause us to come to the table of decision, but this one

reason writes our outcome. Will we choose blessing or cursing? Life or death? To gather or

scatter? Are we with God or against Him?

Look carefully and you will see that you are seated at the table of decision. You cannot

leave, you cannot excuse yourself, and you cannot remain silent. You are writing your

breakthrough at this table of decision; you are participating in your outcome.

Choose you this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will unequivocally

and unabashedly serve the LORD. We declare Him to be King and LORD, and we will

stand with Israel.

By Nicola Ramitt


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