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BBQ Season

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

The Lord said, “It’s barbecue season.” Mark 9:49 says “everyone will be seasoned with fire…” This is a season of burning flesh. If ever we need to yield to the Spirit of God, it’s now. God desires to burn up all flesh that would stand in the way of His will. He is desiring to pour out His glory, but we must give up our flesh. In this season, being “human” is not an excuse for hanging on to our habits, our flaws or our shortcomings. In this season, all must be put on the altar of sacrifice. Flesh is an abomination to God, and He cannot reveal His glory through unsurrendered flesh.

The only thing that brings us to a place of complete and total sacrifice is humility. True humility will be separated from false humility in this season. False humility will not yield to change or repentance. False humility will glorify faults and not the Father. False humility produces pity. True humility produces life. True humility is being able to look at the most wretched part of ourselves and know that we are under the blood of Jesus Christ. True humility acknowledges our deepest failures and surrenders them to the blood of Jesus. True humility counts every breath as a gift from God and an opportunity to glorify His name.

Through this barbecue season God will begin to align hearts, and mature sons and daughters will take their place. Identities will be sealed; authority will be released, and destinies will be realized. In the pits of our failures, God will show Himself strong. In the coal fires of refining, God will beautify His bride. Intense heat will bring out the worst in us, but it will also consume it.

Those who will yield themselves to the fire in this season, will be “seasoned with fire,” and ready to carry God’s glory. He is looking for refined, mature vessels to carry His glory – vessels that can be trusted to not rely on their own giftings and abilities. Of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, King Nebuchadnezzar said they did “yield their bodies that they should not serve nor worship any god except their own God.” (Daniel 3:28)

It’s time to lay it all out. Nothing left unsurrendered. It’s barbecue season!

By Nicola Ramitt


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